Digital Painting: Search

Finally got around to digital painting my search sketch that I did for Illustration Friday back in January.
Painted digitally in Paint tool SAI.
I originally thought I lost the program when I gave my computer to my mom. I’m glad I finally found the program key. I find this program to be the most forgiving and closer to painting traditionally then Adobe Photoshop. It’s kind of why I haven’t been painting all year. I just prefer to paint in more traditional ways since learning oil paints. SAI does mimic oil painting which is why I like this program so much. Hopefully I’ll be painting more now that I have SAI again.

Longboard Painting

It’s been a while. Life has been busy and changing jobs is not easy but I’m hanging in there. I picked up longboarding since I last posted and now I have my own longboard. I dived at the chance to paint it and here’s what I came up with! I’d like to do more longboard painting in the future.


I haven’t gotten a chance to ride my new board yet. So far I’ve just been cruising around on my friend’s board. Purchased blank board at The Longboard Store.

Nature Photography: Yosemite

IMG_6749_2 IMG_6760_2IMG_6756_2  IMG_6773_2DSC00090_2  DSC00126_2
Been to Yosemite twice in June and here are the pictures from both trips. There was a lot of nature photography opportunities in Yosemite, but only if you want a group of people in it. I loved all the nature and wilderness Yosemite had to offer, but being with family I was only able to go to the tourist spots. The pictures may feel like I’m lost in wilderness but I was surrounded by packs of people at a time. Honestly all the people really took from the experience of the wilderness in my opinion. I may have to plan another trip near off season and further out from the tourist spots.

Jewelry designing

I haven’t been drawing much for the past month mainly because I’ve been using my creative energies and mind power in jewelry designing!
Just like most of my paintings, I draw my inspiration from dreams, the night, and sleep for my designs.
20140524_123603-1 IMG_6683 IMG_6689 IMG_6692
I plan on taking jewelry smith classes in the future, but for now I’m still getting down the basics of jewelry design. Currently to make my jewelry, create 3D models of my concepts with various 3D modeling programs and then upload them to Shapeways for 3D printing.
My current collection or shop for my jewelry will be named “Born as I Die” (you can click on the link to go to my Shapeways shop). I got the name for my collection through the concept of sleeping and dreaming. I have more designs I’m working on and I’ll probably post them up when I have them finalized.

Nature Photography: Saltpoint State park


I apologize for being M.I.A.
There has been a lot of things going on in my life…new job, my birthday, everyone else’s birthdays >_>.
It was nice to go to Saltpoint State Park on the weekend of my birthday. I realized I really like being out away from the city so you’ll probably see more nature photography from me. Hopefully.
Enjoy the pictures!

Watercolor color play

Decided to play with watercolors and letting different colors bleed in and mix together. I need to be more adventurous and brave when using colors. It’s hard to get down the right colors without making it ridiculous or muddy. I hope all the years of color theory have taught me something :B

Illustration Friday: Sizzle illustration (Lana Del Rey)



Yes that is Lana Del Rey. I love everything about her. Her songs always frequent my playlists. I wasn’t sure what to draw for this week’s Illustration Friday sizzle illustration. Sizzle made me think of summer and summer made me think of her. I discovered her during summer so her songs always remind me of summer. She’s the only reason I have any positive thoughts on summer. I’m more of a winter person.
Used her “Video Games / Blue Jeans” Image cover as reference. Done with watercolors and pen.